BCCI hunts for coach, Anil Kumble on sticky wicket

MUMBAI: Less than a week after Anil Kumble, the national men’s team coach, sat at the table with the Management Committee (CoA) to negotiate a pay raise for cricket players coaches and support staff, and suggested Which is assigned a place of coach on the national selection committee, the BCCI sent a communique inviting applications (ie: CV) for the role of Kumble.
A statement released Thursday morning read: “The BCCI would like to invite interested candidates to apply for the position of” coach “for the Indian cricket team (men). The process was launched from the end of Current coach with the Champions Trophy, the current coach (Kumble) will be a direct entry into the process.
A senior official told TOI: “There is no time because the team will leave for the Caribbean soon after the Champions Trophy concluded, so if the process has to start it, it should start now.”
The official added: “Anil contract ends with the Champions Trophy, even if your contract should be renewed / extended, the process must be followed.”
It may not be an explanation as simple as the fact that the official. Well-listed sources at BCCI told TOI hours after the release of the statement that “Anil finds itself in a sticky situation.” However, no one was willing to specify.
The BCCI statement said: “To ensure a fair and fully transparent process, a CoA candidate will oversee the whole process with the Cricket Advisory Committee.”
BCCI’s three-member Advisory Committee includes Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman, who will conduct interviews and presentations asking him to select the best possible candidate. BCCI had followed a similar process in 2016, when Kumble was appointed technician before Ravi Shastri – was clearly interested – and Rahul Dravid, who declined the role and chose it instead of training youth teams. Although the process may now come to an end, the decision to invite applications to the role of Kumble – while giving direct access to the interview – has levels of meaning. The fact that the BCCI has sought applications weigh Kumble who benefited from one of the most successful cricket season in India with selection – India won five series of tests over a year, including a series away from the Series of a day against England and T20I – is surprising.