Champions Trophy 2017: Virat Kohli says disastrous season with RCB taught him to accept limitations

Indian captain Virat Kohli considers the difficult campaign of the Indian Premier League (IPL) with Royal Challengers Bangalore this season allowed him to realize his limitations as a human being and sometimes take a step back to balance things.

Kohli was in Mumbai on Wednesday to interact with the media before the start of England’s selection for the Champions Trophy. The Indian captain has asked about preparations for the Blue Riband event on June 1, the India-Pakistan clash launched June 4 and out of a disastrous IPL season.

Virat Kohli interacts with the press in Mumbai before the team’s departure to the Champions Trophy. AFPVirat Kohli interacts with the press in Mumbai before the departure of the team for the Champions Trophy. AFP
“After the kind of season we had, he teaches about himself as a person with a few levels. From the perspective of the mind, he made me understand that you can not do everything in every game. I have never experienced this in a camp.No 11, but 15 guys from the team were in the same way Maybe it was when I knew I had to balance things and take a step back in what I can do on the field, “said the Indian captain.

“You do not want to burn too fast.” I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to deal with that kind of weather, he is taught a lot as a captain, he is far from the flaws and it’s something I’ve always liked. ”

He was asked if the IPL had served as a proper preparation in the Champions Trophy, Kohli said there were not many similarities between the two formats, but it helped the players to be ready for the games. “IPL tournament so highly competitive, it allows you to play against world class players of all teams.I think this could be the most competitive game that could be part before something like champions trophy,” said Kohli.

India will be defending the champions’ trophy this year, having won the last edition in 2013, beating England by a narrow five-run margin in a rain match at Edgbaston. What are the challenges that the team can face in defending the title?

“The first challenge is not to think about the fact that we are defending the title.When we went there last time, we just wanted to have fun as a young unit, and we ended up winning the tournament and creating a team that good, but this team , There have been some changes So now the mood is very similar – to go out and enjoy our cricket, which we have done in the past years, “said the mercurial batter.

The Indian patron also emphasized the importance of being ruthless. “Cruelty is something we definitely talk about all the time. If we can think so, you’ll get the results more often,” he said.

Kohli also noted that among the current team MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh know more about building a team’s inputs, or behavior from difficult situations.