• Drone strikes against mosquitoes in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) on Wednesday launched its campaign in the state government’s campaign to free the Gujarat malaria-free zone in 2022.
During the launch of the campaign, State Health Minister Shankar Chaudhary, AMC recommends unmanned drones to check mosquito breeding grounds in backyard and terraced homes where scrap is normally maintained, Than the favorable conditions for the reproduction of mosquitoes.
“Mosquito breeding grounds are often found in homes of the wealthy class and they rarely realize that they can prevail even in metal scrap furniture and other materials and devices used stacked on terraces and backyard patios,” said Minister Of Health Status.
“While citizens should be alert, civil authorities must take additional measures to control,” he said.

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The plan to launch the Gujarat-free malaria prevention campaign was announced at a meeting earlier this year. As part of the campaign, state health officials plan to mark more than 15 lakh homes, offices, commercial buildings and institutions, including through the city by the prevalence of mosquito breeding sites over the next 16 days.

“The seriousness of malaria is felt with more than 40 000 cases reported in the country. About 56 countries around the world have launched successful malaria eradication programs, why not us?” Asked Chaudhary.
The campaign will be carried out in three phases: identifying and destroying mosquito breeding sites, reporting cases and rigorously inspecting households and neighboring catches from which cases are reported. “In addition to disseminating information in a variety of ways, awareness programs are also organized through schools and counseling students to identify mosquito breeding sites in their home,” said JP Gupta, State Health Commissioner.