Federal ethics chief who clashed with White House announces he will step down

The director of the Government’s Independent Ethics Office, which was the most persistent criticism of the federal government’s approach to Trump’s ethics administration, announced on Thursday it quashed almost six months before its completion was completed.

Walter M. Shaub Jr. has repeatedly reiterated the Trump administration, Trump publicly urging the President to depart completely from his business empire and punish a senior Trump adviser for violating ethics standards.

His openness angered administration officials and earned him cult status near opponents Trump. Fans have started a Facebook page in their honor, and their name is sometimes appeared on posters during anti-Trump events.

Shaub made no reference to clashes in a resignation letter issued Thursday indicating he will resign on July 19. Instead, he praised the work of federal ethics executives, which clearly underscores his commitment to “protect the principle that public service is a public good, forcing employees to retain the Constitution, laws and ethical principles above Of private gain. ”
In an interview, Shaub said he would not leave under pressure, adding that no one in the White House or administration had grown up from.

But the head of ethics felt that he had reached the limit of what he could achieve in this administration, under the current ethics.

Shaub is ready for a new position as Senior Director of Ethics at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit rights advocacy group founded by Trevor Potter, who was appointed Republican to the Federal Election Commission.

Shaub said he hopes to find bipartisan solutions to strengthen government ethics programs at the federal and state levels.

“By working with the current administration, it became clear that we should strengthen the ethics program,” he said.

In reaction to the Shaub’s resignation, White House spokesman Lindsay Walters said: “The White House accepted Mr. Shaub’s resignation and appreciated his service.” He said the president would appoint a successor “at no time.”