Four women ‘gang-raped’: Victims were going to Bulandshahr hospital with Rs 47,500 for pregnant relative

Relatives of the family were traveling on highway thieves on the Greater Noida Thursday said victims were traveling in a private hospital in Bulandshahr with 47,500 booksellers in cash to help family members of pregnancy when the alleged rapes and murder occurred.

Thieves have dragged and raped four women in an hour camp and shot a man with a 38-year-old boy trying to keep them in an isolated area of the Yamuna in the Gautam Nagar Budh district in Uttar Pradesh Thursday Thursday, police said .

There were eight people in the car. The alleged crime took place almost a kilometer from the village of Sowata victims in Jewar. The thieves snatched the money from the jewelry worn by the women.

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“The family was informed Wednesday that the man’s sister was shot was admitted to Garg hospital and needs an emergency operation for delivery.As he did not his family was able to arrange the money for delivery, the dead , His wife, his son, his older sister, his brother’s wife, his nephew, the man driving the car and the driver were decided to go to Bulandshahr. The driver was a close friend of the family and that is why Traveled with them, “said the victim’s niece. He lives in Noida.

The deceased’s younger brother said the group left their home around the 1st of a car Maruti Eeco and headed Bulandshahr when the thieves beat.

When the driver got out of the car to check, he found that two tires had burst. He called the owner of the car and asked the replacement tires when they were suddenly attacked By a group of six men with pistols, knives and iron rods made in the country. They fired in the air and attacked them with rods, “he said.
Relatives said the authors ignored the repeated requests and demands of the occupants of the vehicle and continued assault them.

“They forced us to walk in the fields and they beat us with sticks, then they started raping the women.” When my uncle tried to resist, they shot him, they repeatedly raped the four women and removed their jewelry. Looted, “said the man’s nephew who shot.
The victims were transferred to the 11 am district hospital for a medical examination. Several witnesses said they noticed the mist marks on the women’s neck and hands.

However, Dr. Renu Agarwal, head of the head of the district hospital in Noida Sector 30, did not share the medical report with the media.

“Based on preliminary reports, we can say that there were marks of injuries in the hands of two women after the alleged asses have their hands tied,” said Dr. Agarwal.