Harbhajan Singh Says He Doesn’t Get Same ‘Privileges’ As MS Dhoni In Selection Matters

The off-spinner Harbhajan Singh veteran said he did not receive the kind of “privilege” that Mahendra Singh Dhoni gets when it comes to the selection for Team India. Harbhajan referred to Dhoni being named for the India team for the ICC Champion Trophy. BCCI selector president MSK Prasad said the Dhoni selection brought much more to the table than his pace as the experience and tactical brain. Harbhajan has weighed on the matter with a law, suggesting that he was like a high level player and took much more to the table of his blows or blows, but in his case, he is not considered.
“Yes, there is no doubt that Dhoni brings a lot to the outdoor table with his staff, whether in shape or not. Obviously, we saw that he does not hit the ball as we have seen,” Harbhajan told NDTV.
“But he was captain and he understands the game and being in the middle will help many young people out there who do not feel good at certain times. Therefore, he has that advantage.
“But when it comes to me, I think we do not have that privilege,” said the pitcher. “We have played for 19 years and have won and lost matches in India.I have also won two World Cups.Then this privilege for some players, and for some it is not and I am one of those for whom this privilege does not It is there. I do not know why this is the case.
“I do not want to sing my own praises, but the amount of cricket that others have made, although I understand the game so much, and what they bring to the table, we also bring to the table. We also want to play for the country. ”
Harbhajan also criticized the fact that neither Gautam Gambhir nor his name was discussed at the meeting of the selection committee Champions Trophy at a time when both have been so successful in the IPL (as Prasad also reiterated). Harbhajan had the best Indian economy rate in Mumbai at 6:48 am on his way to winning the third IPL title.
“It’s not fair to be honest, why do we play in such tournaments (like the IPL)?” We play to be selected to play in India.If people are like that.Gautam Gambhir talking.Has most races with If I talk about myself, well, you know that we hoped it would be somewhere in the mix. But knowing that in my case, I knew that if Ashwin would fit in, that will be there on the team and if it is not, I have an opportunity.
“He (Ashwin) rested during the IPL because he has to be fit for the Champions Trophy.” I understand that, but if he does well, he should be rewarded or at least considered. Why do we have two different rules for different people? “Asked the pitcher.
He was asked about the possibility that the selectors have not perhaps not be seen or Gambhir for the Champions Trophy because his production can not be diverted from the much younger standard, Harbhajan responded by saying: “Look if anyone comes to tell me that Is something missing from you is so you are not there on the computer, but no one told me.There is no communication.If someone tells me that this is how we need you to be, in the end, I want to play for India , So I’m going to work on it.
“I do not know my weakness because no one spoke to me.No of the selectors, no one really.But I always felt that when I do, I find myself somewhere, so I work hard and I’m sure I’m going somewhere,” he added. .
MSK Prasad, when he served as chairman of selectors, had specified that no injured player would be allowed to return to the Indian team without proving his fitness in a similar situation. But in the case of Ashwin, it is unlikely to happen considering he has not played in the IPL and Champions Trophy immediately after.