ICC panel calls for DRS in T20 Internationals; umpires to send off players for serious misconduct

London: an international committee of cricket on Thursdays for the top references television call to be used in T20 international and gave a high level support for a test world championship.

In addition, the referees will be allowed to send players bats negligence sizes will be limited for the first time and eliminate the rules changed from October 1, if the recommendations are approved by the leaders of the Executive Committee of the International Council of Cricket (ICC).

The ICC cricket committee, led by outgoing coach of India, Anil Kumble, and several former players have made the recommendations after a two-day meeting at the London event on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The so-called Decisions Review System (DRS) – where a television referee appeals to decisions made in the field – is already used in testing and international day.

The cricket committee said it should be extended to international T20.

The committee said that the teams would not lose opinion in any game, when a decision had been released the television referee.

Currently, teams can call for review in each constituency in games one and two out of 80 in off bowled in Game Test.

The committee said that if the new measure underweight is applied at birth, the rule of 80 would be completed more for the test.

The Committee strongly supported the five-day game, expressing its unanimous support for a world championship event and called it “crucial for the future of international cricket.”

He also reiterated his support for the game to obtain an Olympic place.

Give more authority to referees to fight misconduct, the committee said that football style shipments should be used for violence and other serious crimes during the game.

It is recommended to use instant replays to help referees report any ball.

The panel suggested introducing restrictions on the thickness and depth of bats and said a battery would be considered to have made its ground “when rebounding after being grounded behind the crease by a battery or a dip.”

He also endorsed a two-year trial with survivors of concussion after Australia had asked the ICC to file after opening the battery, Matt Renshaw was expelled from the Pakistan test in January, with double blows on his helmet while Makes its entrance.

The panel includes former stars such as Rahul Dravid from India, former England captain Andrew Strauss, Mahela Jayawardene from Sri Lanka and current coach Darren Lehmann from Australia.

The meeting was held before the Champions Trophy, which begins on June 1 with the armies of England taking Bangladesh into the opening.