Watch: Devendra Fadnavis’ chopper crash-lands in Latur, all on-board unhurt

Maharashtra’s chief minister Devendra Fadnavis survived Thursday on a major boost, while a helicopter carrying him on Latur. However, Fadnavis and his traveling aides failed him.

The helicopter, which had six people on board, including two crew members, was enveloped in aerial cables, while Nilanga atterissant the area where the CM had maintained a program.

Speaking to the media after everyone’s safety, Fadnavis said there was nothing to fear.

“My advice to the media, Ketan Pathak, suffered minor injuries. With the blessing of 11 million rupees people from Maharashtra, I am sure,” he told reporters in Nilanga. He added that the driver was not seriously injured.

“This is a new helicopter. We are going to request information from the police about the incident,” said the Minister. He also brought social networks to know. Twitter:

A senior DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) said that the State Government’s Sikorsky helicopter suffered serious damage in the accident.

After taking off at 12 o’clock today, the pilot observed a variable wind model and decided to disembark. During the landing, the helicopter became entangled in son, said the official, adding that the six people who were on board are safe and escaped without serious injuries.

Authorities spoke with the flight commander and the Chief Minister. Both were informed of the welfare of all passengers, the official said.

Fadnavis travel in the rural countryside of the state to join the farmers in order to ensure the support of their government. Thursday was the first day of the “Samwad Sabha” demonstration. The first day was to meet the Fadnavis farmers in Latur, while the president of the BJP state unit, Raosaheb Patil will interact with the farmers of the Nandurbar district in northern Maharashtra.

The Minister, speaking at the BJP working committee meeting last month in Pimpri-Chinchwad, near Pune, announced the project “Shivar Samwad Sabha.”

The accident investigation board aircraft (AIB), under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, will study the misfortune. The AIB reviews all major accidents and incidents involving Indian aircraft.

However, the injured helicopter will worry Fadnavis, especially as he is approaching worrying another last week. A report on NDTV mentioned how the Fadnavis helicopter has developed a trap last week, forcing the prime minister to cross the road in an area with a significant Maoist presence.

“The helicopter pilot informed of the technical problem just before the takeoff to Nagpur in the afternoon. Therefore, we had to make the decision to travel by road,” said Gadchiroli Police Superintendent Dr. Abhinav Deshmukh, in reference To the incident last week.