Xiaomi Mi Max Vs Mi Max 2: How the new Max is different from the old one

He is Mi Max, which Xiaomi launched in India in July last year, won all other markets phables for its size and ambition. Xiaomi was very clear about the Max Medium. It was estimated that there was a market for something so generous a 6.44 inch phablet – no matter how small – not just that there were many good super-sized philes there. Those who were there, were simply a mistake – bulky non-absorbent plastic plates – which are not necessarily for real purpose. Well, now is Xiaomi MI 2 Max, his successor, China.

Update: Well, there is something we have to deal with in the Mi Max 2, as this is something we started to hear about blogging and technology news sites: that’s the launch of Mi 2 Max India . As for the official position of Xiaomi, there is no news at the moment. Neither Mi Max 2 nor Xiaomi Mi 6 will soon arrive in India. In fact, it is likely that the Mi 6 does not enter India. The Mi Max 2, as noted above, will most likely come in India. The question, however, is when. There are a few days, Xiaomi India boss Manu Jain criticized that the company had achieved two milestones on January 23, March 23 and May 23 Then said, do you think what will happen on July 23? Many people seem to have taken it as a hint of launching Mi Max 2 and speculated that the phone will be launched in India on or around July 23. It’s a possibility, but unlikely. Most likely Medium High 2 can come to India sooner than that. While there is nothing official about the launch of My Max 2, in India so far.

Well, with that, talk on the phone.

The Mi Max, on the other hand, has a metal-filled body, a Full HD display, good material, a dual SIM support, 4G LTE connectivity and, most importantly, reasonably priced. Over time, Xiaomi has sold many of these super-large phablets. No wonder though. The Mi Max was, after all, a ridiculously good buy for those in the considerable media consumption, however, do not spill on the shelves, which, in most cases, the lack of voice calls.

Thursday Xiaomi has announced a successor to Max Mi, at an event in China. Simply called the Mi Max 2, the phablet concerned, although with the same 10.48-inch 1080p screen as the original, is a complete overhaul in almost all other departments, including design, manufacture made a complete upgrade for The model of last year. Look.

Like the original Max Mi, My Max 2 also features a full metal body. But in the case of Max Mi, antenna lines were a clean look different from the central part (all metal) with the finish (polished plastic-metal-polished) up and down, the Mi Max 2 has been repositioned The antenna lines. They were pushed to the extreme edges – wing iPhone 7 – so the Mi Max 2, in fact, seems to have been cut from a single sheet of metal. It certainly looks better than Mi Max, especially behind.
The front, meanwhile, is the same as the median Max. It is the same placement of the fingerprint scanner. My Max 2 has a fingerprint scanner mounted on the back and a 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla glass (unspecified) to the front with capacitive backlit keys. Like Max Mi, My Max 2 also has an impressive screen-to-body ratio that offers a wide field of real estate, both literally and figuratively.